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The definition of word "shariah":
rate 1. Islam Shari'ah are the rules and regulations of Islam, the divine Law. Shari'ah is the totality of of Allah's Commandments relating to man's activities. The Divine Law of Islam
rate 2. Islam Universal Islamic values and norms; commonly referred to as the Islamic law.
rate 3. Islam code of law based on the Koran; holy laws of the Islam which cover aspects of day-to-day life
rate 4. Legal and moral code of Islam, systematized in the early centuries of the Muslim era (8th–9th century AD). It rests on four bases: the Quren; the sunna, as recorded in the Had&#012B;th; ijma, or agreement among scholars; and qiya, or analogical reasoning. Shar&#012B;&#02BD;ah differs fundamentally from Western law in that it purports to be grounded in divine revelation. Among modern Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia and Iran retain Shar&#012B;&#02BD;ah as the law of the land, in both civil and criminal proceedings, but the legal codes of most other Muslim countries combine elements of Islamic and Western law where necessary. Most Islamic fundamentalist groups insist that Muslim countries should be governed by Shar&#012B;&#02BD;ah.
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